About EMSA

Emergency SA (EMSA) began in 2005 when the South Australian branches of the College of Emergency Nursing Australasia (CENA) and the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) joined forces to host a conference for South Australian emergency nurses and doctors. With an aim to underpin and inform excellent emergency healthcare practice across the spectrum EMSA was born. The first EMSA branded conference, EMSA05 with 80 delegates attending was held at Lyell McEwin Hospital. At the time this was the first co-hosted emergency care conference of its kind in Australia. In 2006, CENA and ACEM again joined forces hosting an equally successful EMSA06 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

With a vision to bring healthcare professionals from across the emergency spectrum together into one shared education event CENA and ACEM joined forces with the South Australian branch of Paramedics Australasia in 2007 to present EMSA07 at the National Wine Centre. The aim of the event was for professionals from all three disciplines to network, enjoy shared learning and build stronger relationships to support expertise in emergency healthcare delivery, at a minimum-cost event. The tri-partite agreement established between CENA, ACEM and PA was then, and is to this day, unique in all of Australia. The following year, the three colleges co-hosted EMSA08 at the Holiday Inn. The highlight of this event being the overwhelming support of trade, truly recognising the importance of EMSA to the South Australian emergency care community.

In 2009 the decision was made to run EMSA biennially in order to strengthen and protect the EMSA event brand from over-exposure and to manage the workload of the volunteer committee from across the colleges. EMSA10 was the result of two years of planning by the dedicated committee and the first of the biennially planned conferences. Held at the Holiday Inn, the initial vision and the dedication of the three colleges was realised and continues to run successfully today with thanks to the dedicated volunteers who organise the conferences and the trade who support the conferences.

EMSA12 was moved to an alternate venue – the Stamford Plaza to allow for increasing numbers of delegates and trade sponsors.

EMSA14 was again held at the Stamford Plaza and again saw an increase in delegate numbers, reaching around 130 delegates and 20 trade attendees.

Due to continued growth EMSA16 moved to the Adelaide Convention Centre. This venue allowed a delegate and trade-friendly layout and opportunities. We look forward to seeing you there again for EMSA2020!


Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia


Sunday to Wednesday
July 23 to 26, 2017

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