[twocol_one] Peri-Mortem Caesarean Section

There will be a 30 minute presentation followed by a discussion, followed by “hands on” BLS/ALS in a pregnant (manikin) with the requirement to perform a perimortum caesarean (medical officers).

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand necessity of performing perimortum Caesarean as part of BLS/ALS in a woman of 20 weeks or greater gestation
  • Develop practical skills necessary to prepare (knife to skin at 4 minutes) (nursing/midwifery) and perform (MO’s) perimortum Caesarean by 5 minutes of CPR
  • Instructors in BLS/ALS appreciate need to empty the uterus in women beyond 20 weeks gestation in order to perform effective CPR
  • ED and peripheral hospital staff appreciate need to provide equipment and training necessary for emergency perimortum caesareans in local environments

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geoff matthewsWorkshop Facilitator: Geoff Matthews

FRCOG FRANZCOG Diploma of Hypnosis (Australian Society of Hypnosis).

Geoff Matthews is a full time Obstetrician Gynaecologist at the Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital and was Director of Obstetrics at WCH between 2008 & 2015.  Prior to 2008 he was the Director of Obstetrics at Modbury Hospital in the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide.

Geoff is part of a team of busy Obstetricians at the WCH, where around 5000 births are conducted annually.  The relatively small group of senior Obstetricians based at the WCH do a large amount of after-hours duty, and Geoff, along with his specialist colleagues, is very experienced in managing all manner of obstetric emergencies in the complex group of patients referred to the hospital.

Geoff is also part of a busy private group practice based at WCH.  He is actively involved in intrapartum research; current areas of investigation include computerised electronic fetal monitoring (ST analysis of fetal cardiotocography) and management of persistent occipito-posterior position in the second stage of labour.

Geoff is an active member of the Australian Army Reserve and has served overseas on 5 occasions, including Bougainville (twice), East Timor, Pakistan, Indonesia and Afghanistan. These deployments provided the opportunity to provide primary health care in an austere (post disaster/civil war) environment (Pakistan & Bougainville) as well as be involved in provision of casualty care at advanced resuscitation and initial wound surgery in the Middle East.  Provision of medical care to overseas local nationals forms part of any ADF mission abroad, and skills as an Obstetrician are in great demand.  He was Commanding Officer of the 3rd Health Support Battalion from 2012 through 2014. This unit is responsible for provision of all of the Army’s specialist health capability (which is all Reserve), and has elements in each capital city.

Target audience: All health professionals

Date: Saturday 2nd July 1320 – 1450