[twocol_one] Guided Meditation session

Meditation is a tool that can be used to attain a state of emotional, physical and mental balance.  We can’t stay balanced all of the time, but being able to recognise this state and get there at will can greatly help with our ability to cope with everyday stresses and the resulting anxiety, insomnia and ill-health that can be associated with high pressure jobs and lifestyles, allowing you to enjoy life more.

Anyone can quickly learn to do a spot meditation that will help them to rebalance themselves, lower the stress levels and get on with the job in a better frame of mind.  This need only take a few seconds, but repeated throughout the day can greatly reduce the levels of stress and worry at the end of the day.  This can also be helpful in coping with nerves in examination situations.

You will be guided through a number of different spot meditations to ensure you find one that suits you – everyone is different. You will then be guided through a couple of more formal meditations to give you the experience of a deeper state of meditation.

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Workshop Facilitator: Jane Rowland

jane rowlandI graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1986.  After trying a couple of other fields  I eventually decided to obtain a FACEM qualification. I have been working as an Emergency Physician at the Lyell McEwin Hospital sice 2000.  I have been involved in the registrar teaching program throughout that time and have had an interest in meditation since 2002.  I have found it to be a very useful tool to help manage the stresses of my work and to cultivate a positive outlook in general.  Last year I studied for a Certificate in Meditation Teacher Training Level 1 with Lifeflow to enable me to guide meditation sessions to introduce others to this most valuable tool.  Jane Rowland, M.B.,B.S., FACEM

Target audience: anyone

Date: 2 sessions: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd 1220 – 1320 (includes lunch)

Participant Information:

These workshops are held during lunchtime. Delegates who attend these workshops will be provided with lunch in the room after the session.