Presented by Guardian Personal Safety Training

This workshop will cover the following important topics:

  • Understanding escalation, effective communication, mental state assessment and de-escalation techniques. How your behaviour and attitudes affect others and your body’s physiological response to stress.
  • Preparedness for work and the relationship between factors such as fatigue, personal and professional relationships and attitude to violence and aggression.
  • Scene assessment, approach and safety.
  • Physical techniques to control aggression. How to achieve physical disengagement from an aggressive person as a last resort and promptly retreat to a safe distance.
  • Debriefing a violent incident, documentation, reporting and the possibility of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Simon Leonard has been an Intensive Care Paramedic with the South Australian Ambulance Service since 2003, delivering pre-hospital emergency medical care and assisting development of the Service’s personal safety training programmes.

In addition to on-road training of other paramedics, Simon is also employed by Flinders University as a personal safety lecturer and tutor.

He is a successful martial artist of over 20 years, achieving black belts in a number of disciplines and operating his own martial arts school in Adelaide.

Simon was born in Rosebud, Victoria and completed two bachelor degrees at the University of South Australia after relocating to Adelaide. His intensive studies within the SAAS have seen him inducted into the elite Special Operations Team as a Rescue Paramedic.

Simon recently celebrated his marriage to fellow paramedic Shana, who is also an instructor at Guardian Personal Safety Training. His favourite pastimes include working out and acting.

Steve Tebbett brings 15 years as a Rescue and Retrieval Paramedic for the South Australian Ambulance Service’s elite Special Operations Team. His roles have covered Helicopter Search and Rescue, Emergency Medical Retrieval, Wilderness and Structural Vertical Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue and Tactical Emergency Medical Support for the SA Police.

Steve has comprehensive experience in operational safety, including writing the operational safety training program for SA Ambulance Service. His skillset includes over 20 years of martial arts across various disciplines. Today, Steve remains an active instructor for the SAAS as well as lecturing for Flinders University.

Steve’s most recent endeavours have involved applying for the position of Army Combat Paramedic with the Australian Defense Force, only to further enhance his skills in situational awareness and personal safety.

Born in Sri Lanka, Steve was raised in Australia and completed a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of South Australia. He then studied Paramedicine at Flinders University and undertook clinical training to become an Intensive Care Paramedic.

Steve is a family man; married and father of two. When he is not busy working and training, he tries to maximize his time with his young family. His other interests include fitness training and snowboarding.