This interactive workshop is an introduction to the use and interpretation of blood gas results in the care of acutely unwell patients.

It assumes no knowledge apart from basic high school chemistry.

After a brief introduction to the core concepts, the session will be presented as a series of clinical vignettes allowing for small group discussions and questions.

We will focus on some common ED scenarios and how blood gases can assist in diagnosis, risk stratification and treatment decisions.

A reading list for further exploration will be provided at the end for those who wish to develop their skills and explore advanced concepts.

Presented by Dr Derek Louey

Dr. Derek Louey is a Senior Consultant Emergency Physician and Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Flinders University Medical School.  He has a life-long interest in Medical Education, Learning Theory and Cognitive Science.  He believes knowledge transfer best occurs in a community of learning where both teachers and students participate in a partnership and continual dialogue to reach their goals.