This workshop will cover the fundamentals of trauma scanning.  It has recently been suggested that the eFAST is obsolete due to the higher diagnostic accuracy of CT.  If you work in a department where every patient gets a ‘panscan’ within 30 minutes of arrival, irrelevant of their trauma severity, and all these patents have haemodynamics that will allow their transfer out of your resus to the CT room then this course may not be best suited to your needs.  If you treat patients in other situations then you are likely to find benefit.

The trauma scan will focus on

  • The exclusion of significant pneumothorax
  • The detection of thoracic fluid
  • The detection of pericardial fluid
  • The detection of peritoneal free fluid

This course is not suited to know it alls or to psychiatrists.

Alistair Murray is an Emergency Physician who works in the Lyell McEwin Hospital.  He has promised his wife that he will stop his incessant pursuit of ultrasound qualifications, now that he has completed the DDU.  He is the current chair of the ACEM Ultrasound Subcommittee.

He also rides a Ducati and makes his own beer.