Dr Nick Ford is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry at the Universtiy of Adelaide. He is also a Psychiatrist in private practice and Convenor Closing the Gaps: the trauma group. His professional interests include, Trauma and Treatment resistant depression.

Nick is a current practicing Psychiatrist in Private Practice, Trinity Gardens. There is active teamwork with several private psychologists, GP’s and a local community mental health centre.

The practice has successfully provided an acute service, and Medicare statistics indicate that the number of patients seen is in the 10th centile for Australian psychiatrists. A range of patients are seen with a particular focus on treatment resistant PTSD, mood disorders, particularly bipolar disorder, and pain disorders.

The practice has provided a successful liaison in the management of work related illness, principally PTSD and chronic pain, with the Australian Defence Forces, SA Police, SA Ambulance, MFS and RTWSA. There is an active medicolegal practice which commenced under the supervision of Dr Bill Lucas in criminal law, and now focused on civil matters.

Lectures are provided to medical students from Adelaide University monthly and they attend my rooms to observe clinical interviewing.  There are online lectures as part of the common program on disaster management and for the MEDICI program.