Lindsay Baker is Nurse Unit manager and flow unit navigator at Flinders Medical Centre.

She has a background of 20 years of experience in Emergency nursing in Australia, England and rural Australian settings. She has also worked on the wards, in theatre and in hospital management giving her broad experience.

At Port Hedland Lindsay was the hospital manager tasked with setting up the 4 hour NEAT target and setting up an admission/ discharge team to meet this target. Lindsay’s ongoing passion is patient flow due to the challenges of the modern health service and the impact this has on patient care.

She believes good flow from the emergency department allows patients to reach final destinations more quickly, the clinical staff are able to perform their roles in the optimum environment and the relatives are able to leave their loved ones in the knowledge that they are settled, safe and cared for.  

Lindsay says her interest in this area was inspired by preparing rural hospitals for incoming cyclones and Lindsay is certainly widely acknowledged to be a force to be reckoned with in the patient flow arena. She has met the challenges presented by recent years with good humour and enormous success. No-one has asked how she achieves this – “The Lindsay Effect” and she would like to tell us and asks  us not to judge a book by it’s cover!

When she is not organising patient flow, Lindsay enjoys playing chess, reading Crime novels and is currently undertaking a private investigators course. She is involved in a local social club and organises many charity events. To add to her wide skill set Lindsay is also a Marriage Celebrant.