Instructors:         RAH Trauma Surgeons:  Dr Shivangi Jog, Dr Joe Dawson & Dr Chris Dobbins’

This Emergency Surgical Skills Workshop is aimed at Senior Emergency Clinicians (ED and/or MedSTAR Consultants, Fellows & Senior Registrars, Senior ED Nurses and senior ICP’s) interested in learning and practicing Emergency Surgical Skills & Procedures. We are very fortunate to have the Trauma Surgeons from the Royal Adelaide Hospital instructing this workshop.

Additionally, we are very grateful to Medtronic for sponsoring this workshop in order for us to offer this unique educational opportunity. All participants will be involved in the workshop but will participate only within their scope of practice and to the degree they would in their usual practice setting.

Learning outcomes:

The workshop will include instruction and participation in multiple Emergency Surgical Skills & Procedures including:

  • Finger Thoracostomy and large bore chest drain insertion and securement
  • Unilateral & Clamshell Thoracotomy, including;
  • Identify the landmarks to release a Pericardial Tamponade
  • Identify and compress the thoracic aorta during resuscitation
  • Gain experience in how to safely perform open cardiac massage
  • Gain experience in attaining haemorrhage control for cardiac injury with finger pressure, instruments (various clamp application), direct stapling and suturing cardiac lacerations.
  • Surgical airway
  • Maybe (TBC)  –  Practice with Difficult Intravenous Access including EZIO Intraosseous Needle insertion & infusion

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