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Ambulance practice is more complex, intense, demanding and technological than ever before. Although the modern ambulance clinician is a university graduate, there remains a gap between the graduate novice and the capable practitioner within the operational environment.

Changes to SAAS graduate paramedic education program content has seen a shift away from reviewing undergraduate content, choreographed scenarios and didactic teaching methodologies. Education is now induction focused with detailed and relevant clinical content and simulation practice with realism.

Clinical simulation helps students to prioritise, multitask, communicate and experience the consequences of good & poor decisions in a safe environment. Ambulance clinicians don’t work in isolation, hence multi-disciplinary and multi-agency simulations have been incorporated into the program to create realism.

Simulation is a powerful learning methodology. SA Ambulance Services simulation program provides an environment for pre-hospital clinicians to learn new skills or consolidate current Knowledge where the focus is on the graduate and ultimately, patient safety.

Our holistic simulations incorporate all 3 dimensions of fidelity (Environment, Equipment & Psychological), with the use of live standardised patients, manikins, props, bystanders, other health professionals, make up, moulage, lights, and sounds & even smells in realistic community settings creating an immersive learning environment. The graduates carry a significant cognitive load, both clinically but also situational awareness, in what is often described as stress inoculation.

The mantra of the SAAS Clinical Education team has become “During a crisis you don’t rise to the occasion, but sink to the level of your training”. Realistic simulation has allowed us to ensure a graduate paramedic’s first time, isn’t their first time.

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About the Speaker

Michael BorrowdaleMichael Borrowdale

Michael has been a SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) team member since 1995. Initially commencing as a rural volunteer , while working as a nurse at the RAH and Australia Defence Force.  He has since worked in various roles including clinical governance, safety learning systems, EOC and for the last 6 years as Senior Project Manager at SAAS Clinical Education. Michael has completed vocational paramedic, nursing and adult education training. For the last 4 years part of his role has included simulation coordinator for the Graduate Paramedic Internship program.