Time Presentation
1320-1335 nRAH Emergency Department Model of Care Keirstie Bull
1335-1350 The Multi-Agency Protection Service – bringing all SA government services together to tackle domestic violence Deb McCarthy
1350-1405 Ketamine in psychiatric patients Richard Johnson
1405-1420  Alcohol and the Emergency Department: a damaging mix Professor Anthony Lawler
1420-1450  SA Ambulance Service towards 2020: Leading the way to better care Jason Killens

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About the Speakers

KeirstieBull Bio photo May 16Keirstie Bull

Keirstie is currently the Emergency Services Nursing Director Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN).

It is an exciting time to be working in CALHN with an abundance of change and it has reaffirmed for me what I love about my career – a challenge, operational management, big picture thinking and most importantly working with a team of clinicians who are all passionate about Emergency nursing care.

Professor Anthony Lawler

Tony LawlerTony is the President of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, and a practising Emergency Physician in Hobart Tasmania.

He has had a broad and varied history on medical representative roles, including as AMA Federal Councillor and Federal Executive member, President of the Tasmanian Branch of the AMA, and Tasmanian Representative on the ACEM Council for almost ten years.

He is currently also the Director of Acute Planning and Strategy and Principal Medical Advisor with the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services, and Professor in Health Services with the University of Tasmania. He also sits on the Council of the NHMRC.

Tony has keen interests in purchasing health services for quality outcomes, the use of performance indicators to drive positive behaviours, and clinical governance, behaviour and culture.

Jason Killens

Jason commenced in the position of Chief Executive Officer with SA Jason KillensAmbulance Service (SAAS) in October 2015.

Prior to joining SAAS, Jason’s most recent position was as Executive Director of Operations, London Ambulance Service, National Health Trust, responsible for nearly 4000 staff through a directorate management structure of over 150 management posts.

With the London Ambulance Service Jason had over 10 years senior operation leadership experience with operational delivery, performance improvement, system design and a cross section of strategic organisational portfolio responsibilities.

Jason is widely experienced in the delivery of large complex projects across multiple services. Jason is committed to ensuring ongoing improvement to the patient experience in South Australia.