Note: This program is subject to change

Time Friday
0845-0855 Welcome to conference – Chris Cotton ASM
0855-0920 Official opening
0920-1020 Keynote Ian Summers – Followship
1020-1050 Networking Break
1050-1140 Keynote Natalie May – Conflict Resolution and Feedback
1140-1230 Keynote Jesse Spurr – Psychological Safety
1230-1300 Discussion
1300-1345 Networking Break and Poster Session
Time Teamwork How things are done elsewhere Obstetric challenges Workshops
1345-1410 Leader vs Follower – Adam Montagu Community paramedic challenges – Terry Hernan Home birth challenges – Tracy Callanan Chest Drain workshop – Gettinge (1530 finish)
1410-1435 When resources are overwhelmed – Lauren Kennedy Working in Antarctica – Rachel Hawker Post Partum Haemorrhage – Adele Crowley  
1435-1500 Handover between teams – Gary Berkowitz Working in rural SA: Prehospital experiences – Lachlan Ophof Post Mortem Cs (a story) – Tecwyn Davies
1500-1525 Personalities and teams – Bob Dunn Refugees on the Aegean and beyond: An emergency nursing perspective on humanitarian aid work and primary care – Michael Henley The imminent delivery in the ED – Amelia Humphrey  
1525-1530 Discussion Discussion Discussion
1530-1600 Networking Break
Time Legal considerations in providing care Using technology Bariatric Workshops
1600-1625 Can I take that photo – Sara Bird Which device should I use – Michael Edmonds Transport considertations – Gary Berkowitz Interpreting Health Literature – Bob Dunn
1625-1650 Forensic Evidence Collection – Tracey Markham Social Media platforms- which ones? – Jesse Spurr Nursing care impact and solutions – Peter Pollnitz  
1650-1725 Competency – considerations and situations to focus on – Louise Allonby-Neve My 5 top apps – Michael Edmonds; Jesse Spurr; Lachie GrahamNatalie May Medical Considerations – Patrick Feeny  
1725-1730 Discussion Discussion Discussion  
1730-1930 Friday Night Social Networking (drinks and canapes)
1930-late Optional Dinner at Madame Hanoi

See Program for Saturday, 4th August.

See Pre-Conference Workshop Program