The Perfect Storm: A major incident without casualties

Friendships between Carla, Megan, Sally and Karen have been formed over the years by our professional affiliation to CENA. A few days after the statewide blackout there was a flurry of ‘care check’ phone calls amongst the presenters. We soon realized we all had coincidently been working in an Emergency Department during that evening. We all had unique yet varied experiences and the conversations were fascinating. Our research started with a flippant comment  – “wouldn’t this make a great paper” and before we knew it we were on a journey!

Although we all contributed equally to the study, Megan and Carla ‘won’ the game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ via Face Time and look forward to sharing the research findings with you at EMSA18.

  • Carla is a Nurse Unit Manager of the ‘Resuscitation stream’ in the ED of the Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Megan is a Nurse Educator in the ED of the Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Sally is a Nurse Unit Manager of the ED in Mount Gambier
  • Karen is a Senior Lecturer at Flinders University and works in the Calvary Wakefield ED