About the three Colleges in South Australia

The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) represents Emergency Physicians, and has a long standing history of promoting emergency medicine education and collaborative emergency care delivery in SA.

ACEM joined with CENA to present EMSA05 and EMSA06, both of which attracted close to 100 delegates and considerable trade support, and has partnered with CENA and PA to run the event since 2007.

More information is available on the ACEM website.

cena logoCENA

The College of Emergency Nursing Australasia represents nurses involved in the delivery of emergency nursing care across a diverse practice environment. The SA branch of CENA has played a key role over many years in the delivery of expert education that supports and promotes excellence in emergency nursing practice.

CENA-SA has hosted two International Conferences for Emergency Nursing in Adelaide in 2004 and 2011. Both of these conferences were outstanding successes fpr attendance, networking, education and in promoting a wide variety of sponsors products relevant to emergency care.

CENA-SA was the key driver in the development of EMSA and has long held a vision that the best prepared Emergency Nurses working in the best prepared Emergency Healthcare team will deliver the best emergency healthcare .

More information is available on the CENA Website.

Paramedics Australasia LogoParamedics Australasia
Paramedics Australasia (PA) is the peak professional association representing practitioners who provide paramedic services to the community. Paramedics are best known for their involvement in the delivery of out of hospital emergency medical care through their work with various Ambulance Service organisations and on humanitarian and relief operations. However, paramedics work in many environments including community, industrial, military, hospital and university settings.

PA provides a respected voice in determining how changes in health service provision, legislation and clinical practice are shaped and implemented to enhance the quality of patient care.

More information is available on the PA Website.